Sea Lions In the Galapagos

20 April, 2016

Love cute sea lion videos? (Me too!) Keep reading – and you won’t be disappointed. At the Red Mangrove Aventura Lodge you can see them on the seaside deck. The sea lions love to soak up the sun, nurse their young, and cuddle with each other right on the deck. Love ?

​Sea lions in the Galápagos Islands are not your regular sea lions, they take naps on deck chairs, they cuddle with each other, they are the regulars at hotels who come sunbathe after a nice swim in the ocean and a good meal at the harbor. No, they are not pets and, no they have not been trained to act this way, they, along with the rest of the Galápagos flora and fauna are the original inhabitants of this beautiful Archipelago and like original inhabitants they just come back to their regular resting sites like they have been doing for years even before humans inhabited the islands.

They are found through out all the islands; in Santa Cruz “Red Mangrove Hotel” you see them laying on benches as well as in Isabela Island and SanCristobal where they take over benches in hotels and become tourists’ center of attention. People in the Galápagos Islands have become so accustomed to sharing their lives with them that if there was a movie theater on the Islands they will probably let them take the best seats. ​
Many tourists have gone back home with thousands of pictures of these adorable creatures.

Cute and Cuddly Sea LionsThe deck at Aventura Lodge on Santa Cruz island is a very unique place. Visitors enjoy the company of Galapagos sea lions up-close and personal. It’s easy to see why the sea lions at Red Mangrove’s Aventura Lodge have become famous.

They’ve been featured on AFV (America’s Funniest Videos), Fox NewsThe Dodo, and GMA (Good Morning America). This recent spotlight has come from a viral video captured by photographer Clark Little and Roberto Ochoa while visiting Red Mangrove. How famous are they? The video has been watched millions of times, across YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Just on Americas Funniest Videos it has been watched almost 2 million times (1,934,755 views) via link from GMA Facebook page.

Here’s what AFV had to say about these guys:

“Well if you want a lesson on the best ways to relax, these sea lions can show you how! After a long day of swimming around and hunting for fish, these exhausted sea lions settled down for a nap in the most adorable way! These sea lions cuddle together for an afternoon nap in a deck chair in order to unwind from their long hard day. They just look like any other adorable couple just hanging out and chilling by the ocean!
Sea lions have officially reached super cute status and these two just won the cutest couple of the year award from us! If these two sea lions cuddling together for a nap doesn’t make you want to head straight to the beach with your best friend, nothing will!” ~ AFV.com

“They come and go through the day, they go eat and then come back to rest.“They each have their own personalities, so that we have come to tell them apart from each other and even named them, like we did with a new born who we call Cuenca” I visit every month the Galápagos Islands, my purpose in life is to show my passion and the importance of conservation to the world through my videos and photographs of these amazing creatures.

Why Sea Lions Love Red Mangrove

The staff work hard to clean up after the sea lions and make sure they’re comfortable. Seems the sea lions have it pretty good, they get a free all-access VIP deck pass at this 4.5-star resort. (I’d keep going back too!)

At Red Mangrove. they feel it’s important to welcome the sea lions because it was their space first.

Galapagos animals are famous for being unafraid of humans, and it would be a shame for anyone to alter that. Some of these adorable animals were born at Red Mangrove. To watch sea lion moms nurse their young, help them up the stairs, and snuggle together is a special treat.

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Roberto Ochoa
Guayaquil, Ecuador.

Marine Wildlife videographer, has been documenting the beauty of our world’s oceans. His personal mission is to use his videos which are often highly emotional, evocative, and very beautiful, to ignite a conversation about the future of our planet’s natural wonders and to inspire action.

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