Scuba Diving in Moorea

Located only 9 miles from Tahiti, Moorea, the sister island, offers spectacular dives on the outside reef. During your dives in Moorea, you’ll meet many sharks, including the impressive Lemon Sharks who have made their diving reputation in Moorea..

Moorea has the shape of a trident with her two beautiful bays (Cook and Opunohu). Moorea is described as a gigantic garden with tropical fragrances, lush vegetation, peaceful rivers, waterfalls, beautiful “fare” with pandanus roofs surrounded by some beautiful gardens. Some beautiful white sand beaches emerge here and there. Moorea is surrounded by a coral reef opened by 12 passes, including one with the dock of ferry from Tahiti, “sister island”, located 17 km away. We never tired of diving into the clear water where all water activities can be practiced, motorized or not … to meet the stingrays and other many species of colorful fish. Some of the highlights of Moorea diving – the Moorea Shark experience, where you actually get to swim with the sharks in a safe and calm atmosphere and the deep dive in the Garden of Roses – beautiful coral roses (Montipora) are not to be missed !

Moorea Dive sites

Most Moorea dives have an average depth of 60 feet and are ideal for beginners. Dives are usually in the lagoon in the afternoon and outside the reef in the open ocean during the morning. Typical marine encounters include large pelagic fish, morays eels, groupers, perches, unicornfish, triggerfish, groupers and of course the regular reef sharks.

French Polynesia has the best shark diving in the South Pacific. Moorea is one of the rare places where a diver can observe, study and appreciate the many facets of this marine animal. In the company of trained divemasters that have years of experience with sharks, a good number of dives will bring you into contact to observe at least 4 species of sharks – the Blacktip shark, the Whitetip sharks, Grey sharks and Lemon sharks. These species of sharks do not present any danger and appear to be more timid than otherwise. Again, as in any animal, it is best not provoked.

Tiki Point

World famous for its clear water, numerous sharks and fish, this site is an area where wild sea life is incredibly abundant and stirring. Good spot for whale or dolphin watching.


A favourite spot where you see many fish travel from one side of the island to the other, passing through this area. As one of the highlights – you will enjoy the huge moray eels which are quite impressive.

The Opunohu Canyons

Awesome undersea topography, Abundant marine fauna, black tip sharks and huge lemon sharks.

More than 50 photos and 1 video included.



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