Galapagos – THE place for shark lovers

By on 15 December, 2017

I was looking forward to dive in the Galapagos for some time now. Everyone that I spoke to that has been there was amazed. Could it really be that good?

For sure it was. Every dive was special in its own way.  One day we had a pod of dolphins swimming past the Hammerhead Sharks and made them all turn at once. Another day, a 12-meter Whale shark, the biggest fish in the sea, swam past us and let us swim with it.

A truly epic trip with several shark species (Hammerhead, Galapagos, Silky, Whitetip Reef, Whale Shark), more turtles than I could count, dolphins, sea lions, marine iguanas and so much more!



Roberto Ochoa
Guayaquil, Ecuador.

Marine Wildlife videographer, has been documenting the beauty of our world’s oceans. His personal mission is to use his videos which are often highly emotional, evocative, and very beautiful, to ignite a conversation about the future of our planet’s natural wonders and to inspire action.

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