Dancing with mantas

21 September, 2016

Not so long ago, maybe 2 months when the Mantas season just begun, my girlfriend and I joined with a group of friends to go out hoping to see Mantas, for the first time. Roberto was one of our friends.

As soon as we arrived to the spot (bajo seco) Roberto geared up and went down looking for the bistros. Conditions didn’t look so well, but we were already there so everybody got ready and started the session.

The first 10 minutes we were already hopeless, thinking maybe we got there too early, but suddenly a giant black manta appeared and we all started to follow it, and then another one appeared swimming in the opposite way, and so on. We counted at least 6 Mantas that day one bigger than the other one. This day I had the opportunity to take really good shots, and have the best experience ever with mother nature.

We ended this session with some cold beer and a good tanning in our way back to reality.


Thank you so much Roberto Ochoa for the great photos and experience.



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Roberto Ochoa
Guayaquil, Ecuador.

Marine Wildlife videographer, has been documenting the beauty of our world’s oceans. His personal mission is to use his videos which are often highly emotional, evocative, and very beautiful, to ignite a conversation about the future of our planet’s natural wonders and to inspire action.

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