Roberto Ochoa He.


Galapagos Evolution 2016​

By on 30 August, 2016

Ecuador hosts some of the richest marine ecosystems in the world. The Galapagos Islands are home to 2900 known species of fish and marine mammals not to mention endemic…


Galapagos Diving Adventure with Roberto Ochoa (6 Days)

By on 29 August, 2016

Take your Galapagos diving adventure with Ecuador’s best marine videographer, Roberto Ochoa. This is one of the most wonderful adventures!

On this tour, you’ll experience the best of the Galapagos, both on land…


​Giant Manta Ray Tangled In Fishing Line asking us For Help!

By on 21 May, 2016

We were able to document when we saw one that had engaged several hooks of a fishing net that was attached to her, who knows how long. She allowed…


​Giant Manta Rays in Ecuador

By on 22 April, 2016

Every year giant manta rays congregate off the coast of ecuador in what is believed to be the largest aggregation in the world. Its all about timing. The giant…


Watch Cute Sea Lions Snuggle and Snooze at Red Mangrove

By on 21 April, 2016

Well if you want a lesson on the best ways to relax, these sea lions can show you how! After a long day of swimming around and hunting for…