Apnea Dive with Mantas Ecuador

By on 15 May, 2017

I have been practicing Apnea for a while just for surfing purposes, during this got motivated by my coach Alfredo Rosado and buy Roberto Ochoa to go out and dive with mantas… god damn they were right, what an incredible experience it is to share the ocean with this giants in their environment, no thanks, just hold and dive.  To me

Roberto can be de best Diver and Photographer out there, he knows for sure what he is doing and will make you have the best experience ever… Just go out, trust him and enjoy… aloha spirit.




Roberto Ochoa
Guayaquil, Ecuador.

Marine Wildlife videographer, has been documenting the beauty of our world’s oceans. His personal mission is to use his videos which are often highly emotional, evocative, and very beautiful, to ignite a conversation about the future of our planet’s natural wonders and to inspire action.

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